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Monday, 27 April 2015

Welcome to Marketing Marshall

Hello All, 

My name is Edmund Marshall and I am a Marketing Graduate from the University of Chichester, UK. The aim of this blog is just to give my opinion on everything Marketing related as well as trying to offer you my own advice from previous experiences. There also may be one or two related football blogs as I like to broadcast my views on the greatest sport in the world (Classic British point-of-view)!

Another reason for deciding to blog is that I have a professional Twitter account and a personal Twitter account. On my professional account, I find that most of my followers are substantially blogging like crazy. I see myself as more of a re-tweeter myself but I like trying new things and I thought 'Heck, why not? Let's give this a go!'. In fact, one of my friends has just started blogging who is enjoying it and he gets a real sense of achievement when he gains a follower/reader. I wonder if I will feel the same?

If you enjoy reading my blogs, please do not hesitate to follow me on Twitter and/or connect with me on LinkedIn

Happy Reading!


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